Let’s Be Prepared—Tried and True Assistance for the Cold and Flu Season

It’s not too late to stock up the medicine chest for cold and flu season. We find the best medicine is to stay rested and well nourished, plus balanced emotionally and spiritually. Of course easier said then done sometimes, so lets be prepared!

I’m a practical type who loves having the tools on hand. This being said, the medicine woman in me cannot resist having things available when the iron is hot. The best way to stave off a common cold or flu is to hit it head on from the onset. Dose, dose, dose, is my mantra. Where people go wrong in my opinion is at this stage. So when you initially feel off, reach for the remedy of choice.  A quick and easy go to, which is so effective, is Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic over the counter gem by Boiron. In fact, keep a tube in your purse or glove box. You only need one dose every 5-6 hours.

Another thing I would not be without is, Sovereign Silver. This is a bio-active silver hydrosol for immune support. I like the spray bottle application where I can spray 30 spritzes under my tongue and hold there for 30 seconds—so easy. For acute situations, use every 3 hours, up to 7 times daily. For immune building, use 3 times daily, and for maintenance 1 time daily. This does the trick if you need bacterial or viral support. I have avoided antibiotics every time using this jewel. In fact, I have avoided antibiotics all together with my daughter who is now 15. Of course there’s always a time and place for everything.

Now here is another thing I love! The anti-oxidant of choice for preventative and acute care in my repertoire is, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. Nano-ShperesThis is a state of the art absorption method for maximizing bio-availability delivered via “smart” Lyposomal Nano-Spheres. Ah what does this mean?? This is from the source….


Here’s yet another care formula we like a lot. Umcka ColdCare by Nature’s Way is excellent for shortening the duration and reducing the severity of coughs, congestion, sore throat, nasal and bronchial irritations. It is a soothing and tasty syrup that helps especially at the onset. There are several in the line, so look for the one in the green package which is mint flavored.

For treating the miserable symptoms when a cold has set in, try Naturade’s Herbal Expect. It really clears the nasal passages and keeps things moving so you can breathe and sleep better. We also like Koflet herbal lozenges from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. It’s a potent herbal formula, which assists the normal function of bronchial muscles and mucous membrane. They also help to boost the immune system function.

Now, here are some things Turtle Moon can offer, and I will gladly share them with you. There are several essential oils that arrest bacteria and virus in their tracks. I combine a blend of cinnamon, clove flower, eucalyptus, rosemary and green lemon, which is a take on an ancient formula used by thieves who robbed the dead when the plague broke out in the 14th century. I really like our version, and offer it in a concentrate or spray version. It’s referred to as “Essential Protection”. Essential ProtectionWe use the spray around the body or in the air. When people are sick around me, I will spray directly on doorknobs, faucet and toilet handles, plus on my hands as a sanitizer when I’m unable to wash them. People frequently keep this close by to use while traveling, in hospitals, classrooms, or any time when in crowded places. I sound like a germ phobic right? Well I believe prevention is where it’s at, and find this to be so effective against the spread of viral and bacterial infections. I wouldn’t leave home without it!

I also put together a Medicine Chest with 5 essential oils for treating everyday ailments. There’s an index card that lists 58 common ailments alphabetically, along with suggested oils for that purpose. The longer descriptions for why and how to apply each of the 5 oils is on the flipside. The kit is packaged in a quality pouch so you can easily carry it with you. I recommend you get familiar with the contents up front, so you know what’s available when something needs treating. Available by special request—please use the contact form. Medicine Chest

Oh yes, I got so excited talking about the kit, that I almost forgot why I mentioned it here. 2 of the oils that I include which are helpful for the season would be: Eucalyptus Radiata and Lavender Mailette. Both are gentle and effective as preventatives or while illness is full blown.   The Eucalyptus is soothing for sinus, asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs and sore throats. Use as an inhalation, or massage over chest, back and ribcage. Lavender is a must have, multi-purpose oil if you should choose to only have 1 oil around. It works both medicinally and psychologically. Use as an antiseptic to protect from infectious disease, for burns, headaches, restlessness, bruises and to calm a nervous stomach. Use for emotional extremes such as anger, anxiety, nervousness and depression. It’s gentle enough for use during pregnancy and is safe for children. Apply 1-2 drops directly on affected area. Rub on feet for soothing and to induce relaxation or sleep. Place on wrist points and inhale for emotional support.

Last but not least, would be to drink our herbal tea blends.Winter Tea Drinking the seasonal offerings helps to keep the organs toned and strengthened over time. The nutrient value of the teas improves immunity and general good health. I make a cold/flu formula that is not yet offered in our store but can be custom blended—order here. It is best used at the onset coupled with a hot Epsom salt bath. Drink while in the tub, and get right into bed. It will make you perspire creating a “diaphoretic effect” that will push it out of the body by daybreak. This works!

So here’s a convenient list of what’s highlighted if you should want to stock up:

~Boiron Oscillococcinum

~ Sovereign Silver

~ Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

~ Umcka ColdCare

~ Naturade Herbal Expect

~ Koflet Herbal Lozenges

~ Turtle Moon’s Essential Protection

~ Turtle Moon’s Healing Herbal Teas

~ Turtle Moon’s Medicine Chest, or individual bottles of Essential oils of

Eucalyptus Radiata and Lavender Mailette

It is my hope, you glean from this some excellent ideas for your health needs during this upcoming season, which can often times seem vulnerable. Empowering others, based on my own experience, is an honor and a great pleasure to share. If something here helps you and your family, please pass it along…

In Health and Harmony,


Does Loose-Leaf Tea Top Tea Bags for Flavor & Health Benefits?

At first thought, a tea bag spells convenience. Oh yes, one may say that they don’t have enough time to make a proper herbal infusion. Or, the thought may not have even crossed your mind. Allow me, an herbalist (who has made and drank many herbal tea formulas), to share my 25 plus years experience on this topic.

Bodum Travel PressIf you enjoy herbal infusions as much as I do, you may as well go all the way and soak it loose! A proper steeping vessel, such as a French Press, makes it super easy and much more beneficial for your health. You simply measure 2 tbsp. of your loose leaf blend of choice into the press, and pour 16oz. of just boiled water over the herbs. Cover and allow to steep for 10-15 minutes. Decant by pressing the herbs to the bottom and pouring into your favorite mug or to go cup. There you have it, a brew chocked full of readily available vitamins and minerals, plus full bodied flavor.

When you consume herbal teas this way, 4 to 5 times weekly for 6 to 8 weeks, you will experience a tonifying effect to the organ systems of the body. It works much like super nutritious food would, yet without taxing the digestive system, as the nutrients are readily absorbed into the blood stream. So easy and so satisfying! In our house, we love the ritual of nourishing and nurturing ourselves in this way. At the moment, our daughter enjoys a blend to keep her acne prone skin at bay. I’m enjoying and benefiting from herbs blended to ease menopausal changes, and my husband is toning the organs (lungs and large intestines) most vulnerable in the autumn season.

Winter Herbal Tea Blend

These herbs are hand picked from the optimum part of the plant for flavor and health benefits and cannot be properly brewed in a tea bag.

Oh yes, I got so excited about sharing my brewing preference that I nearly forgot about the good old tea bag. Well, typically tea bags contain herbs whereby the leaves are crushed, so the freshness and quality can be compromised. As soon as you breakdown the cell wall of a plant to that degree, you lose volatile oils and nutrients. Plus, the amount of herbs in a typical tea bag is a tablespoon if you’re lucky. By the time you fill your mug with water and the steam escapes with whatever volatile oils are left, you end up with a weak cup of tea.

Calming Tea in Tin

This could mean you need 2 tea bags for a decent cup of tea, and it ends up being an inferior quality brew, plus less cost effective.

Now, there are exceptions for having a decent cup of tea bag tea. Examples of herbs that loan themselves to this method, would be the mint family such as, peppermint, spearmint and catnip. Chamomile and lemon balm also give their energies easily to this use.

In summary, you get the most for your buck and body with a loose leaf herbal infusion. Once you get used to doing it this way, plus have what you need for convenient brewing purposes, you will not look back! I would not be without an on going favorite brew for anything. This, for my family and me, has been a powerful health enhancing ritual that I would not trade for any other. Give it a try, and you too may feel the benefits and get hooked!

Happy Brewing!


Mosquitoes—Questions and Answers!

Stump the “Mosquito Answer Man” with your mosquito question!


For most of us mosquitoes are just an annoyance and get our attention for all the wrong reasons.  However, because they have created multiple health issues, for humankind and our livestock, they have a long history of being studied by the scientific community. You may be surprised by some of the interesting facts that have been uncovered about this pesky insect.  Feel free to ask your question in the comment section.


Mosquito Answer Man,

Raymond DuBois

A Daily Cup of Herbal Tea for Health and Wellness

If you could pick one thing to do every day to enhance your overall health and sense of wellbeing over time, a cup of quality herbal tea should be at the top of your list. Herbal teas are a highly effective, inexpensive (and super easy) way to boost your immune system.

Here’s how they work:

  • Herbal teas are rich in minerals we don’t get readily from our food. And unlike other foods that are a strain on the digestive system, the nutrients from teas are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and put to use by the body.
  • They’re also cleansing. The herbs in the teas work to renew and clean the blood and organ systems of the body, gently and effectively.
  • Herbal teas pack a big punch over time, and it doesn’t take long to notice the difference. My husband and I drink a brew a day. We just recently switched back to our Autumn blend, and we could feel it really start to affect us after just a couple of weeks.
  • Keep it simple.

It’s funny…we all think that life is somehow going to get easier someday. When we cross that next something off our to-list, then we’ll have time to relax, treat ourselves to a little R&R, and start making healthier choices. But I’ve found that the finish line keeps moving forward. Such is the reality of modern-day life – a juggling act of work, family and friends.

So in my quest for balance, I try to make things easy for myself. I find simple, enjoyable ways to bring the right things into my life every day.

That’s why I’m so passionate about herbal tea. I know it doesn’t take much to make a huge difference in my life.A mug of herbal tea is my daily ritual. Cradling it in my hands while I sit at my desk or take a moment to watch the world wake up outside my kitchen window… If I don’t do anything else for myself today, I know I’ve done something good.

A few tips to keep in mind when thinking about tea:

  • Loose herbal tea contains more nutrients and healing properties than tea bags. Tea bags have a teaspoon of herbs, compared to the tablespoon of loose herbs I recommend for an 8-ounce mug. Plus, the herbs in tea bags are crushed and macerated so they lose their properties.
  • Tea bags may seem more convenient, but you’ll be amazed at how simple it really is to make a cup of delicious, nutritious tea with loose herbs. Measure 1 tablespoon of loose herbs per cup of water into a jar or covered container (a French Press also works great). Pour boiling water over herbs and cover to steep for 15-20 minutes. Strain and enjoy!
  • The steeping time (of 10-15 minutes for loose herbal tea blends) is important because this is how long it takes for the volatile oils found in many herbs to disperse into the water.


Light & Love,


Kimberly DuBois, Founder of Turtle Moon Health


I’ve been studying ancient healing methods for most of my adult life. I believe our ancestors knew a lot more about health and healing than we give them credit for. They knew how to use what grew in their immediate environment to boost their body’s natural ability to heal itself and fight off disease.
Our ancestors were deeply attuned to the natural world, and over time they realized the medicinal properties certain plants offer. And they passed down what they learned to their children and grandchildren.

That wisdom is still available to us. But in our hectic, modern culture, we aren’t always the best listeners. So I’m here to be that bridge. To connect you with the simple, everyday practices used by ancient cultures to bring enduring health and vitality.

For me, these natural healing practices have become a way of life. They are what I’ve found to be true. Not only have I embraced them in my own life, but through Turtle Moon Health I’ve helped hundreds of people discover the truths for themselves.

In my thinking, we aren’t meant to go at it alone. The natural world is here to support us … to give us what we need to live vibrant, fruitful lives. And I’m here to support you in your journey to health and wholeness…


Light & Love,


Welcome to the Turtle Moon Health Blog

The Turtle Moon Health blog is your go-to place for tips and insights about how ancient healing methods can help strengthen body, mind, and spirit. We’ll share ideas and practical steps to help you incorporate the age-old wisdom of natural herbal remedies into your everyday life. No matter how busy it is.

Read on for simple, affordable ways to boost your body’s natural healing abilities. They’re not complicated, but the effects are long-lasting. And it won’t take long for you to feel the difference.

Let the journey to health and healing begin.

Light & Love,