Not Your Average Medicine Chest

Traditional Remedies for Home and Travel

All my life I’ve gathered essential oils for everyday use. Over the years, I developed a habit of carrying them with me in a pouch in case I needed them. This became the inspiration for a kit – 5 essential oils, complete with their descriptions and application instructions, all in one place. Together the oils in this kit are a remedy to more than 50 ailments, a perfect on the go “medicine chest”, ready to come to the rescue.

Also included in the Medicine Chest is a quick reference guide listed in alphabetical order for treating each ailment with the oils. This provides a handy self-help tool for home and travel use. What I love is that the kit includes a few uncommon oils you don’t see everywhere. Those who have experience using essential oils will recognize and appreciate these exceptional blends. At the same time, thanks to the informative and concise reference guide even the inexperienced user will quickly and easily learn more about these remedies. It’s a great way to be introduced to essential oils and to learn how to use them to actually obtain results.

Sneak Peek into the Medicine Chest


  • Lavender Mailette: for all-purpose use

  • Eucalyptus Radiata: to protect and heal viral and bacterial infections

  • African Sage: an excellent antifungal and antiseptic skin cleanser

  • Helichrysum:  for traumas, bruises, sprains and strains

  • Blend of Ravensara/Thyme Linalool: anti-infectious, immune stimulant, expectorant and anti-viral/bacterial

(We are only scratching the surface, but you get the idea.)

With such a broad variety of uses, the kit makes an excellent gift to yourself or others. For the best use of the potential that lies within these oils, familiarize yourself with the content cards, so you have a go-to when needed.  It’s really like having your own personal, new and improved medicine chest, with everything you need, at all times….and it fits in your purse. If you run out, the oils can also be refilled upon request as usage varies.

Be empowered and don’t leave home without it!

Light & Love,


“Make Yourself at Home!”

A Travel Ritual That Really Works


Whenever I’m traveling and find myself in a hotel room, I make sure to never be without my favorite sprays. While the Essential Protection Spray focuses on clearing airborne pathogens (germs!), our Energetic Clearing Spray will clear and uplift the energy in the room, based on the influence of its blend of essential oils. Because of how frequently hotel rooms are visited, one can imagine the multitude of energies left behind. Energies are alive and they can linger in the corners of rooms, so I like to perform this simple ritual.


Immediately upon arrival I begin at the entranceway and spray the Essential Protection around the entire parameter of the rooms, including bathroom fixtures for germ clearing. Then I follow the same pathway with the Energetic Clearing Spray. When I finish this process, which doesn’t take long, you can feel the energy in the space lift, and literally feel like it’s your home. When traveling with my family, they comment every time that they cannot believe the difference.

Not everyone is knowingly sensitive to the energies in his or her environment, nonetheless this makes a huge impact on how one feels while traveling. Try it yourself and tell us how it goes!

Light & Love,