About Us

Turtle Moon Health is a family-owned and operated company that provides nature-derived products and information for everyday use. Achieving balance is an ongoing process and a natural part of life. Our intention is to offer empowering tools you can use to discover a simple and natural way to reclaim your health and vitality. Our products, which include herbal teas, essential oil sprays and others, are created from top quality ingredients, handcrafted and lovingly made in small batches.


The Turtle Moon Health blog is your go-to place for tips and insights about how ancient healing methods can help strengthen body, mind, and spirit. We’ll share ideas and practical steps to help you incorporate the age-old wisdom of natural herbal remedies into your everyday life. No matter how busy it is.

Read on for simple, affordable ways to boost your body’s natural healing abilities. They’re not complicated, but the effects are long-lasting. And it won’t take long for you to feel the difference.

Let the journey to health and healing begin.

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