About the Author


I’ve been studying ancient healing methods for most of my adult life. I believe our ancestors knew a lot more about health and healing than we give them credit for. They knew how to use what grew in their immediate environment to boost their body’s natural ability to heal itself and fight off disease.
Our ancestors were deeply attuned to the natural world, and over time they realized the medicinal properties certain plants offer. And they passed down what they learned to their children and grandchildren.

That wisdom is still available to us. But in our hectic, modern culture, we aren’t always the best listeners. So I’m here to be that bridge. To connect you with the simple, everyday practices used by ancient cultures to bring enduring health and vitality.

For me, these natural healing practices have become a way of life. They are what I’ve found to be true. Not only have I embraced them in my own life, but through Turtle Moon Health I’ve helped hundreds of people discover the truths for themselves.

In my thinking, we aren’t meant to go at it alone. The natural world is here to support us … to give us what we need to live vibrant, fruitful lives. And I’m here to support you in your journey to health and wholeness…

Light & Love,

Kimberly DuBois

Founder of Turtle Moon Health

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